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bipolar cutting electrosurgical unit / universal / laparoscopic / surgical



  • Features:

    bipolar cutting

  • Application domain:

    universal, laparoscopic, surgical, gynecological, urology

  • Type:



Offering maximum performance, safety and simplicity for all your surgical HF applications, the latest generation ESG-400 universal HF generator provides you with unrivalled resection power as well as access to revolutionary surgical tissue management technology in the future.

Key benefits
Latest generation universal HF generator
The ESG-400 latest generation universal HF generator empowers your state of the art electrosurgery in all surgical disciplines for monopolar, bipolar and advanced bipolar modes for open, laparoscopic and endoscopic applications.

TURis 2.0 and TCRis – Bipolar prostate & transcervical resection
The second generation performance for bipolar transurethral or transcervical resection (TURis/TCRis): increase resection surface by using the large "loop" electrode and further improved plasma ignition for urology and gynaecology results in significantly improved resection performance.

ESG-400 gives you access to revolutionary technology, which combines the safe sealing power of advanced bipolar HF with the unrivalled speed of ultrasound.