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microscope slide scanner microscope slide scanner - VS120


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    for microscope slides


The VS120-S6-W slide loader system allows for manually loading one and six standard slides, respectively, along with any associated meta-data. Designed for high throughput research and pathology, the VS120-L100-W system features a highly dependable, robustly designed slide loader for up to 100 slides.

The VS120 is not for clinical diagnostic use.

Ideal for Research Facilities and Digital Learning
State-of-the-art Research Tool for Brightfield and Fluorescence

The VS120 not only creates high resolution brightfield images, but also can scan in full multi-fluorescence mode. Utilizing virtual microscopy for fluorescence imaging helps to minimize problems associated with damaging and fading of sensitive fluorescence samples.

An innovative new algorithm makes image stitching more precise than ever, enabling high-level accuracy that can be applied from small animal brain slices to large specimens. The VS120 also switches seamlessly between micro and macro observation to enable swift viewing of regions of interest and overall structures alike.

Advanced Medical Education and Collaboration

The VS120 allows multiple viewers to study virtual slide specimens simultaneously via simple server access, regardless of time and location - providing an ideal solution for medical instruction, Q&A session and remote collaboration.

Remote Conferencing and Consultation