fixed patient transfer unit / with window



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    fixed, with window


The fixed patient transfer unit (PTU) with window “Gamma/1” is used for transferring the patient from the operating table to the hospital bed. The window allows the PTU to divide the aseptic area from the septic one before and after the patient’s transferring with clear advantages in terms of hygiene.

Using the PTU avoids uncomfortable and potentially traumatic manual transfers from the operating table to the stretcher and vice versa.

The PTU can have a heated table top for a better patient’s comfort. There are sensors to detect the patients on the borders (and/or obstacles of every kind) that prevent the contact with the closing window during the transfer. Once the obstacle has been detected, sensors stop immediately the closing window and make it re- open to its maximum height.

To clean the transfer belt of the table top quickly and safely it is possible to press the rotating button, thus cleaning easily also the hidden parts.

Patient transfer, recognition system, sensors, speed control, heated table top, height adjustable, translation of the table top, emergency system, stationary

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