hysteroscope / high-definition / semi-flexible

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hysteroscope / high-definition / semi-flexible hysteroscope / high-definition / semi-flexible - T-Flex


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    high-definition, semi-flexible


T-Flex - die neue flexible Optikgeneration von OPTEC
Our innovation

T-Flex, the new generation of rod lens telescopes from OPTEC which are now semi-flexible .
Specially developed production methods and innovative new components define the future standards of optical systems.The shaft of T-Flex HD-telescopes is semi-flexible in a way that cannot be achieved with current standard rod lens systems.

Your advantage

Breakage of rod lenses due to bending of the telescope shaft is a thing of the past.
Reduce your repair costs by up to 70% (Approximately 70% of all telescope repairs are due to bent shafts and broken rod lenses).
The use of high-quality surgical stainless steel optimises cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes.
High corrosion resistance is also achieved.
Sapphire glass for the distal and proximal windows further increases the durability.
T-Flex telescopes are more economic: they last much longer than standard rigid telescopes while retaining all the advantages of our conventional high-specification T-Scopes.
The new T-Flex HD-telescopes are available in all standard versions (arthroscopes, cystoscopes, hysteroscopes, etc.).
They are compatible with the connections of most current manufacturers.