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hip orthosis hip orthosis - Custom Bivalve


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    hip orthosis

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The Custom Bivalve Hip can be custom fabricated and is ideal for immobilization in the treatment of lumbar instability and lumbosacral fusion with anchoring to the sacrum. Motion restrictions may include flexion/extension, rotation and lateral control.

A variety of hip joints providing flexion/extension, Drop Locks and abduction/ adduction are available.

Available: Custom fabricated finished or unfinished
Bivalve Opening: Anterior over posterior or posterior over anterior
Overlap Options: Smooth, step (butted) or with tongues
Anterior Designs: Flexion, neutral or pendulous
Degree of Lordosis: Custom fabricated lordosis
Material Options: LDPE, MPE, HDPE, Copolymer, Polypropylene, ABS or Kydex
Liner: Unlined or hypoallergenic aliplast in 1/8”, 3/16” or 1/4”
Attachments & Accessories
Bivalve opening closure kit with straps, chafes, loops & Chicago screws
Pectoral Pad (PPK/ PPX) with straps, chafes, loops & screws
Pneumatic lumbar bladder
Polyethelene or foam tongues
Shoulder or axilla straps with chafes, loops & Chicago screws
Sternal Pad (SPK/SPX) with straps, chafes, loops & screws
Options: Designer pattern applied to brace & straps, modified negative cast, relief buildup, ventilation & waist pads
Hip Attachments & Joints: Thigh cuff, Becker Drop Lock, USMC Drop Lock, TLC Joint, Becker Chronic, Becker Millenium, USMC M.A.O.