LED examination lamp / on casters / flexible
520.020.054M, 520.020.054MUT, 520.020.054MR, 520.020.054MRUT



  • Light source:


  • Configuration:

    on casters

  • Other characteristics:




10 W high-power TrueTone LED
Max. flexible arm reach: 125 cm
Mounting options: Wall, clamp or wheeled stand
Focussing head: At 30 cm: 3 to 15 cm diameter
At 50 cm: 4 to 22 cm diameter
Brightness control on head: 10 % to 100 %
Max. brightness: At 30 cm: 57 ,500 lux with a 3 cm light spot
Master switch on/off: On the main body
Non-contact on/off: At the front of the main body.
Active at a distance of ca. 2 cm.
Recharging: Ca. 6 hours
Illumination: Ca. 8 hours at maximum brightness.
Continuous with mains option.
LED working life : Ca. 50,000 hours
Guarantee: Light: 5 years
LED: 10 years
Lithium battery: 5 years

A non-contact infra red sensor provides non-contact on/off switching avoiding any risk of contamination
The lower section of the high-quality shaft rotates around 270°
The flexible upper part with a reach of 125 cm lets you adjust the light into the ideal position where it then stays put
Brightness and focussing can be adjusted directly at the thermally-insulated light head, which remains cool to the touch
The light incorporates a dual-function power supply with both mains and rechargeable Lithium modes
The Lithium battery recharges in 6 hours to give 8 hours operation at maximum brightness