endoscopy computer workstation / laptop
ENTity™ MobileDISE

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endoscopy computer workstation / laptop endoscopy computer workstation / laptop - ENTity™ MobileDISE


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Simple, portable visualization system for sleep endoscopy and OSA diagnostics.

laptopwithscreenOptim is leading the way in providing portable endoscopic visualization systems for sleep medicine. New research shows that the high success rate of customized treatment for OSA has been attributed to the targeted selection offered by sleep endoscopy (DISE).

The ENTity MobileDISE (Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy) System allows sleep medicine clinicians, otolaryngologists, and pulmonologists to safely view the areas of the nose and throat that are responsible for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) while the patient sleeps, providing more effective treatment guidance for the patient.

The ENTity MobileDISE system is the optimal choice for practices that need a compact, portable, and network connected trans-nasal endoscopic visualization system.