continuous blood glucose meter
OptiScanner® 5000



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The OptiScanner is an automated, plasma-based bedside glucose monitoring system intended to assist healthcare providers manage the glucose level of critically ill patients within an optimum target range. It provides accurate blood glucose measurements at a wide range of glucose concentrations. It is a point of care device for measurement of blood glucose as well as other analytes which works by measuring the optical infrared absorption of glucose in a very small amount of plasma. Blood is drawn into the measurement engine of the device, a mid–infrared spectrometer, on a near–continuous basis which provides fast accurate blood glucose levels in critically ill patients.

The system draws a small amount of patient blood (only consuming 0.12 mL per draw) every 15 minutes, converts the blood to plasma in a micro-centrifuge and then transports the plasma to be read by mid-range infrared spectrometer. It's proprietary algorithm automatically adjusts for interferences and within a few minutes of the blood draw, a glucose reading is displayed on the front of the OptiScanner. Because the OptiScanner provides a glucose reading every 15 minutes, glycemic trends can be displayed prominently, indicating whether patient’s glucose is stable (euglycemia), rising too high (hyperglycemia)
or falling too low (hypoglycemia).

Healthcare providers can use this product to be able to track accurate patient’s glucose and use trending data to aid in decision making and potentially help patients stay in a healthy glycemic range.