dental hygiene disinfection system / photo-activated

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dental hygiene disinfection system / photo-activated dental hygiene disinfection system / photo-activated - smart-pad
  • Dental hygiene disinfection system / photo-activated


  • Applications:

    for dental hygiene

  • Disinfection procedure:



Go for prevention! smart-pad uses the same successful concept as its big brother PAD PLUS. However, smart-pad is specifically tailored to the needs and applications in dental prophylaxis and periodontology. Deep, inflamed pockets will be a thing of the past. In addition, you will provide your patients with a sense of well-being and optimal prevention. A concept with a vision. And that is something to smile about!.

Easy integration into your usual prophylaxis process, fast results: Apply the photo-active substance (tolonium chloride solution 12.7 µg/ml) and activate with red LED light.

Effective disinfection: The bacterial outer cell wall is selectively destroyed; 99.99 % of bacteria are killed within seconds, and the bacteria do not develop resistance.

Time savings – shorter treatment times, so that treatments may be completed in a single session

Preservation of supportive tissues in periodontal disease without administration of antibiotics

Preservation of the dental hard substance in minimally invasive procedures; support of natural remineralisation

Take advantage of attractive treatment and billing options for prophylaxis and periodontology