ophthalmic surgery microscope / ophthalmic examination microscope / on casters



  • Microscope type:

    ophthalmic surgery microscope, ophthalmic examination microscope

  • Ergonomics:

    on casters


Microscope MICROM-OF1 is designed for diagnostics
and microsurgical interventions in all the eyeball sections using current technological horizon and ophthalmology area suture materials.

MICROM-OF1 enables binocular stereoscopic monitoring with convergent path of rays of magnified three-dimensional picture.

ADVANTAGES of microscope MICROM-OF1:

High quality fiber optics produced by Schott (Germany);
High quality optical image;
Wide-angle eyepieces with an increased field of vision – 12,5х/18;
Precise displacement, enabling quick 3-way positioning of stereomicroscope;
Ability to fix the device to a wall or ceiling;
Built-in TV-camera, allowing you to capture a picture and display it on PC monitor.
Ability of simultaneous visual observation and image recording by TV-camera;
Automatic and manual light adjustment;
User-friendliness thanks to ergonomic design