hemoglobin patient monitor / intensive care / compact / continuous
NBM 200



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    intensive care

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The innovative NBM 200 provides a non-invasive, accurate monitoring of Hb level and pulse rate and finds its application in blood banks of over 55 various countries. The device is European CE Marking approved and provides immediate online accurate measurement. The safe, easy to operate device ensures o bio-hazard material handling is provides a perfect solution for anemia screening.

The device is used in hospital or other clinical environments for noninvasive spot checking of Hb and PR and is also suitable for blood donor screening during blood donation facilities. The device is composed of a reusable ring‐shaped sensor probe which fits easily into the subjects finger and the results re catapulted and displayed immediately in the online measurement using the portable desktop monitor. The monitor with a easy‐to‐read backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) presents the patients hemoglobin (Hb) and pulse rate (PR) values.