humerus compression plate / proximal
Contours PHP



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Contours Proximal Humeral Plate (PHP) is an anatomically shaped plate, one for the right and one for the left humerus. It has to be used in combination with at least two diaphyseal screws, a main locking screw and at least two fine threaded screws. The main stabilization of the humeral head is achieved with a cannulated main locking screw (slightly conical Ø 5.6 - 6 mm with 130° angle) to be inserted in the calcar area. This larger bore screw works as a cantilever, blocking the humeral head in the frontal plane. It transfers the main load to the diaphysis of the humerus. To complete the stabilization and fix fracture fragments, minimum two crossing Ø 2.2 mm polyaxial fine threaded screws are inserted and locked in the appropriate threaded holes. These thinner-bore screws work through traction and stabilize the humeral head in the sagittal and transversal planes. Distal locking is made in the three distal holes by inserting either the Ø 4.5 mm diaphyseal screws or the Ø 6.5 mm revision screws (when the bone quality is poor). Four suture holes with large grooves have been designed to allow a​ needle insertion thus facilitating sutures and cerclage procedures.​