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analysis software analysis software - OTBioLab+


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    analysis, acquisition

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OT BioLab + is the software designed, developed and tested by OT Bioelettronica in collaboration with research centers, to provide the best user friendly, acquisition and processing tool.Real-time processing
Obtain easily plots and representations of bioelectric and biomechanical parameters to be used as patient feedback or for quantitative assessments during acquisition.
Intuitive and user friendly
Intuitive and user friendly
It processes the acquired data by selecting the portions of interest, easily applies filters, passes from the time domain to the frequency, obtains activation maps, conduction velocity (CV) and decomposes the EMG signals with a few mouse clicks.
Export the results
Export raw data and processing results to be able to read with Excel, Matlab or in audio format.
Online Feedback
Create profiles to follow with external signals (torque force or angles) or with the EMG signals width
Conduction Velocity Estimation
Three different calculation algorithms for surface EMG signals in isometric or dynamic conditions
EMG Maps
Displays the online or offline distribution of muscle activity and calculate the position of the gravity center
Amplitude and Frequency Parameters
Trends in amplitude and frequency variables of bioelectric signals to identify muscle fatigue
Motor Units Decomposition
Starting from the surface EMG signals from electrode arrays, extract firing moments of active motor units
Spectral analysis
Calculate the frequency content of signals with FFT or PSD algorithms