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reporting software / sharing / verification / audiometry reporting software / sharing / verification / audiometry - OTOsuite


  • Function:

    reporting, sharing, verification

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Otosuite audiometry software connects all your equipment into one integrated solution. Move from video otoscopy to audiometry, clinical OAEs, tympanometry and PMM with just a few clicks. Otosuite is Noah compatible. Print customized reports and send results to Noah and/or your EMR system.

Discover the benefits of:

Single point of entry to tympanometry, audiometry, speech mapping, hearing loss and hearing instrument simulators, hearing instrument testing (HIT), probe mic measurements (PMM / REM) and otoscopy.
Direct access to measurement data, counseling tools and all compatible products.
Combined and customized reporting.
A complete audiometry software platform for a smoother fitting experience

Otosuite audiometry software supports the entire hearing assessment and fitting process. When used with Aurical, the complete modular fitting system, Otosuite brings a new level of flexibility to your fitting workflow.

The Otosuite software platform is easy to learn, use and customize. Otosuite has up to 57 special tests that can be configured as you wish, with an on-screen control panel and easy-to-access user test functions.

Choose standard protocols or customize them to suit the way you work. Add custom signals and custom target curves easily.

Otosuite includes the software module Aurical FreeStyle. Now you can perform hearing instrument programming and probe microphone measurements in an efficient way – for a better fitting experience.