active electric external elbow prosthesis / articulated / adult



  • Power source:

    active electric

  • Joint mobility:


  • Patient type:



The ErgoArm® Electronic plus and ErgoArm® Hybrid elbow-forearm assemblies give you the tools you need for the myoelectric fitting of high amputation levels.

They offer state-of-the-art technology with the aim of combining low weight and extraordinary function with appealing design because the higher the amputation level, the greater the demands on the fitting technique.

The 12K44 ErgoArm® Hybrid plus is recommended for hybrid prostheses with a myoelectric hand and a cable-controlled elbow joint. Its integrated “EasyPlug” cable guide conceals all electric cables inside the prosthesis so that they are both inconspicuous and protected.

Due to its electronically-controlled lock, the 12K50 ErgoArm® Electronic plus can be locked or unlocked with myo-signals as well as with a switch in fractions of a second and offering reliable loading in any position.