active electric hand prosthesis / hook clamp / adult
MyoHand VariPlus Speed 8E41=9



  • Power source:

    active electric

  • Joint mobility:

    hook clamp

  • Patient type:



The MyoHand VariPlus Speed® is a system electric hand by Ottobock which provides optimal patient care means fulfilling different objectives, some of which are absolutely opposed. It is available in 3 hand sizes (7 ¼, 7 ¾, 8 ¼) with 3 connection options (quick-disconnect wrist, lamination ring, threaded stud).

It provides highly active proportional grip force (up to 100 N) and proportional speed (up to 300 mm/s) with no coding plug (program selection using the 757T13 MyoSelect). Thanks to the high gripping strength and speed, the grip recognition and grip force build-up is via bow sensor due to which the objects can be gripped quickly and precisely. According to the patient’s indications, a total of 6 different programmes can be selected and adapted permitting optimum adaptation to the needs and abilities of the prosthesis wearer.

The elimination of the thumb sensor allows the patient to grip actively and consciously. Since the electronics of the MyoHand do not readjust the gripping strength automatically, the items need to be held and positioned by targeted muscle signals.