upper limb cosmetic prosthesis cover / pediatric
MyolinoSkin Natural 8S20N



  • Limb type:

    upper limb

  • Patient type:



The 7.4 Volt Upper Limb Prosthetic System is designed to help improve a fitting for a child, a common material that is often difficult for some to bear with. This works in many age groups and can help ease the transition from a child prosthetic to an adult model. This may be used alongside products like the Electric Hand 2000, the MyolinoSkin Natural glove and the MyolinoWrist 2000. This uses some adult components to make it easier for a prosthesis to be fit in as much time as needed. The 12K12 MovolinoArm Friction can also be used with the Otto Bock series of products to make it easier for children from 3 to 5 years of age can utilize such a product.