hydraulic prosthetic hip joint / for walking / adult



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  • Applications:

    for walking

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Ottobock features Helix3D, one of the latest and innovative additions in field of prosthetic Hip Joint System. The device permits natural 3-dimensional hip movements during stance and swing phase with help of hydraulics control. Helix3D sets a new platform in terms of ease, dynamics and security. Patented multi-axis joint structure provides a 3-dimensional hip movement in order to compensate for pelvic-rotation while promoting a natural and symmetrical gait pattern. In addition to this, it also permits leg length reduction during swing phase, with a target to minimize the risk of falling, while enhancing the functional safety at the same time. The prosthetic Hip Joint System ensures optimal sitting characteristics with a minimum pelvic obliquity. In addition to these, the device establishes a large flexion angle to facilitate daily life situations such as getting into a car or putting on shoes.