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Manu Rheuma Flex 4024

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wrist orthosis wrist orthosis - Manu Rheuma Flex 4024


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    wrist orthosis


Wrist has Manu Rheuma Flex ensures effective relief, especially in case of rheumatic disease. Patients can increase their level of everyday activity.


Orthosis Comfortable: The orthosis is comfortable to wear.
Comfortable: Comfort is also improved by the adjustable thumb loop which can be fitted to the individual requirements.
Straight Model: The straight model ensures an optimal fit, especially in case of deformities.
Manu Rheuma Flex Easy: The Manu Rheuma Flex is easy to don, especially for users who have light gripping force remaining in their hands.
Combination Closed: The combination of the closed version and formal D rings keeps the closure straps from sliding through and adds excellent force transmission.
Hook Loop Closures: The hook and loop closures are placed to avoid pressure on the caput ulnae.
Indications: Indications Measurements.
Manu Rheuma Flex Documents.
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