posture-correcting orthosis / vertebral hyperextention / with 3-point base system
Dorso Arexa 28R140N



  • Type:

    posture-correcting orthosis

  • Application:

    vertebral hyperextention

  • Options:

    with 3-point base system


The Dorso Arexa is used for the conservative treatment of stable compression fractures in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine. It comes with excellent qualities like exceptional effectiveness, the ability to be fit individually, excellent wearer comfort, and an eye-catching design.

A literature study was commissioned to investigate the conservative treatment of thoracolumbar transition fractures using hyperextension orthoses. It showed that the results of functional therapy of vertebral body fractures were very good to good in around 85 percent of all cases. It took into account subjective complaints, mobility, and ability to work.

The supports in the thoracolumbar transition area and in the sternal and symphysis regions straighten the spine in the sagittal plane, according to the three-point principle. Lordosing takes place at the same time and the ventral segments of the vertebral bodies are relieved, thus alleviating the patient's pain.

The Dorso Arexa still allows for sideways tilt and rotation of the trunk and covers a fitting range up to a waist circumference of 150 cm with one universal size.