hip orthosis / leg abduction / pediatric

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hip orthosis / leg abduction / pediatric hip orthosis / leg abduction / pediatric - 28L20


  • Type:

    hip orthosis

  • Application:

    leg abduction

  • Patient type:



Hip abduction orthosis is designed keeping the therapeutic principles in mind with the recommendations from the Professors Hoffmann and Daimler. The femoral shells in anatomical shape are flexible in terms of the width adjust-ability. The abduction unit allows the adjustment for the right abduction angle. The femoral shells are connected by the two robust ball joints. This device is useful for the hip dysplasia and the residual dysplasia after the narrow reduction of the hip misplacement and after the sonographic treatment of type IIb (as classified by Graf). This is intended for the children aged between 6 months to 18 months old when the child begins the crawling and the walking.