ankle strap / ankle orthosis / lace-up
Malleo Sprint 50S3

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ankle strap / ankle orthosis / lace-up ankle strap / ankle orthosis / lace-up - Malleo Sprint 50S3


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    ankle strap, ankle orthosis

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The Malleo Sprint 50S3 is the best therapy choice for chronic ligament instabilities. It is an innovative orthosis with excellent biomechanical properties which stabilises the ankle with a special outer frame and straps.

It restricts foot eversion and inversion without negatively affecting plantar and dorsal flexion of the foot. Its noteworthy feature includes a special exoskeletal reinforcing element that is connected directly to the fabric carrier material.

The innovative design makes Malleo Sprint adapt superbly to the ankle's anatomical conditions and when properly applied and closed, provides targeted, stable support by restricting foot movement.

The anatomical shape in the malleolar area and by using the special 3-D spacer fabric SpaceTex® it provides the wearer with much needed comfort.

The air-permeable SpaceTex® material provides comfortable padding and transfers heat and humidity away from the body.

The reduced thickness of the base material under the foot combined with highly comfortable padding prevent unwanted prevents unwanted pressure points.