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WalkOn Reaction

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ankle and foot orthosis / dynamic ankle and foot orthosis / dynamic - WalkOn Reaction


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    ankle and foot orthosis

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The ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs) from WalkOn® is designed to be used by active patients who are suffering from dorsal flexor weakness or paralysis. WalkOn® (28U11), WalkOn® Flex (28U22) and WalkOn® Trimable (28U23) are the three models which are available for this purpose. WalkOn® Flex is ideal for slight to moderate dorsal flexor weakness, WalkOn® and WalkOn® Trimable are ideal for moderate to acute dorsal flexor weakness. The WalkOn® AFOs are discreet and highly operational carbon fibre AFOs. They have physiological gait pattern to a large extent (symmetrical and fluid) which has a natural heel strike and smooth roll over in the heel and forefoot area. This is because of its versatile repositioning access for foot and restricted plantar flexion. Energy is stored before the swing starts and released after swing phase enabling users to have enough of ground clearance with reduced risk of stumbling. Integration with a stable shoe allows the spring's medial mounting position to obstruct midfoot supination. Optimal fitting according to patient's requirements is achieved as the calf section of all WalkOn® orthoses can be moulded thermoplastically.

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