long walker boot / inflatable

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long walker boot / inflatable long walker boot / inflatable - 50S10-1


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The Malleo Immobil Walker 50S10-1 is used in post-operative treatment of the foot and ankle. It can be used for a broad range of applications, from ligament, soft tissue, and tendon injuries to forefoot, midfoot, ankle, and tarsal fractures. Treatment after exostosis amputation of Hallux Valgus is also possible.

It comes with hook-and-loop closures, using which it fits every walker easily on either side. The rounded rollover sole ensures a physiological gait pattern, and the comfortable padding increases wearer comfort. Separate set of pads and available useful accessories are also included.

Its major feature are ROM Walker which helps the joint to be adjusted in 7.5° increments and Air Walker which integrates pump to increase compression and stability.
The 50S10-1 Malleo Immobil Walker, high is preferably suited to the conservative and operative treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures.