single-axis prosthetic knee joint / hydraulic / for walking / adult
3R95, 3R95=1



  • Mechanical characteristics:

    single-axis, hydraulic

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The device is very small, light weighted and vibrant. A low-profile high-class knee is offered by the monocentric Light Modular Knee Joints 3R95 and 3R95=1. The dynamic extension resistance is created by the exclusive miniature hydraulic system. In addition with that, the device ensures that the leg does not swinging through too extreme on flexion, at the same time it makes sure that the extension stop is not very difficult. That means the ability of active users to move is supported by the device and helps to improve the gait pattern. The powerful damping is provided by the hydraulic system even at the time of speed up or slows down. As a result, the steady and usual gait pattern is maintained by the users at any walking speed. The swing phase is easy to initiate and less energy is required from users for walking. The degree of flexion is automatically reduced by the system at high speeds that ensures high level of safety. When the swing phase ends, a soft extension stop is ensured by the hydraulic terminal damping.