knee orthosis / patella stabilization / articulated
Patella Pro black



  • Type:

    knee orthosis

  • Application:

    patella stabilization

  • Options:



With the patellar realignment orthosis Patella Pro, Ottobock offers a new solution for the patellofemoral pain syndrome or anterior knee pain.
The dynamic realignment technology of the Patella Pro causes a medialisation of the patella over the entire relevant flexion range of 10° to 30° allowing for everyday movement. In these relevant flexion angles, the Patella Pro exhibits a relative increase of patellar medialisation by 1.04mm - 1.76mm during the course of the extension movement, as opposed to the neutral condition without orthosis. All these result in an increased relief for the frequently inflamed soft tissue and a notable reduction in the knee pain.

Moreover, the pressure of the traction system does not increase parallel to the flexion angle which prevents tilting of the patella and the resulting increased pressure on the joint surfaces. Patella Pro is adaptable to one’s specific requirements and can be used during conservative, as well as postoperative care.