dynamic prosthetic foot / K2 / K1 / for walking
1M10 Adjust

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dynamic prosthetic foot / K2 / K1 / for walking dynamic prosthetic foot / K2 / K1 / for walking - 1M10 Adjust


  • Mechanical characteristics:


  • Activity level:

    K2, K1

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The 1M10 Adjust is a multiaxial foot with adjustable heel characteristic. While walking, the Adjust offers the user a pleasant heel strike, good dampening characteristics and easy rollover. Thanks to this design, the user is able to maintain a stable standing position – regardless of the proportion of the body weight supported by the prosthesis. Its multiaxial joint and the flexibility of the function module and forefoot-ball pad, the Adjust effectively compensates for uneven surfaces. The adjustable function module of the Adjust allows individual heel characteristic requirements to be taken into account when optimizing the prosthesis. The 1M10 Adjust for people who spend most of their time indoors and only venture outside occasionally. The scope of delivery includes the footshell with connection cap and a Spectra-Sock protective sock.