dynamic prosthetic foot / K3 / K4 / for walking
1E56 Axtion

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dynamic prosthetic foot / K3 / K4 / for walking dynamic prosthetic foot / K3 / K4 / for walking - 1E56 Axtion


  • Mechanical characteristics:


  • Activity level:

    K3, K4

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The 1E56 Axtion® is a compact and lightweight high-performance foot for active amputees. Its low clearance makes it particularly well suited for patients where only limited space is available. As an all-round talent, the 1E56 Axtion® is ideal for everyday use as well as for recreational sports.

A unique combination of flexible carbon springs and elastic polyurethane results in the optimum performance of the Axtion® during all gait phases: The dynamic heel element effectively absorbs the impact load at heel strike. Heel stiffness and the resulting knee dynamics can be adapted to the individual requirements of the patient by using different heel wedges, which are included in the scope of delivery. During rollover, the especially long supporting foot length offers exactly the right amount of support required for a natural gait pattern. The polyurethane layer compensates for small surface irregularities. Excellent forefoot dynamics support the transition to the swing phase by returning the stored energy. The Axtion® thus supports a controlled toe-off, even at high walking speeds.

The scope of delivery for the 1E56 Axtion® includes a Spectra-Sock as well as one transparent heel wedge (soft) and one anthracite heel wedge (firm). The 2C5 Footshell for the Axtion® must be ordered separately. It is available in the colours beige (4) and light brown (15).