shock absorption prosthetic ankle joint / for walking / adult



  • Mechanical characteristics:

    shock absorption

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The loss of a limb includes important proprioceptor and muscle groups that provide many types of torsional and shock-absorbing functions. The DeltaTwist® shock absorber with torsion function can help compensate for this loss. The shock absorbing and torsion functions contribute to security, mobility and comfort. Integrated into the prosthesis, the DeltaTwist® also allows for a more symmetrical gait. Instabilities can be corrected and compensation movements signifi cantly reduced.

The shock absorption and torsion function can be individually and independentally adjusted through the use of different elastomer rods and plates with varying fi rmness. Based on state-of-the-art biomechanical research fi ndings, the DeltaTwist® accommodates the specifi c gait pattern of each wearer. If need be, the torsion can be suppressed laterally or medially, by means of the rotation lock (see accessories). The DeltaTwist® can be used in transfemoral or in transtibial prostheses.