leg prosthetic liner
Balance TPE 6Y93

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leg prosthetic liner leg prosthetic liner - Balance TPE 6Y93


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6Y93 Balance copolymer (TPE) liner is designed to be comfortable and easy to handle for below-knee amputees with low to moderate activity levels.

Available in both cushion (6Y93=C6-size) and locking (6Y93=L6-size) versions
Soft, flexible copolymer material (thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE)
Thermoformable to accommodate atypical residual limb shapes
6 mm front wall thickness for protection against socket forces and 3 mm back wall thickness for easier bending and reduced bulging in the hollow of the knee
Flat seams to avoid pressure points
Copolymer contains medical-grade mineral oil to moisturize skin
Two-tone color helps with proper alignment

Measure the residual limb circumference 4 cm above the distal end of the residual limb and select the liner size which corresponds to this measurement, or the next smallest size.