prosthetic knee joint with stance control / polycentric / pneumatic / for walking



  • Mechanical characteristics:

    with stance control, polycentric, pneumatic

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The key element of the new 3R106 Pro is the servo-pneumatic control unit. Its powerful dual-chamber pneumatic unit with progressive damping properties has a flexion valve that the prosthetist sets for the user‘s normal walking speed. At faster walking speeds, the flexion resistance increases auto-adaptively, which prevents too much flexion of the knee joint. The pendulum movements in the swing phase are thus harmoniously controlled even at higher walking speeds.

The integrated, automatic quick venting of the flexion chamber ensures that harmonious extension movement is possible even at higher walking speeds so a greater range of walking speeds is supported. The max. body weight of 125kg /275lbs and the availability of three proximal connector versions allow a wide range of users to benefit from the advantages of the new 3R106 Pro.

Scope of Delivery

2R49 Tube Adapter
513D83=1.4X12.6X66 Compression Spring, Heavy duty
513D83=1.1X12.9X66 Compression Spring, light duty