panoramic X-ray system / digital / wall-mounted



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    panoramic X-ray system

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Futuristic design and ergonomics
The I-Max is the lightest, most compact, full-featured panoramic device on the market. What’s more, you’ll be proud to see the way its refined, elegant design looks in your dental surgery.
Exceptional image quality
Using ALI-S (Automatic Layers Integration System), the unit directly selects the best cuts to display a perfect HD image automatically.
Easy to install and operate
A complete ultra-compact, ultra-light system conveniently delivered as one fully-assembled unit. With its intelligent setup system, a single technician can wall-mount it easily.
Cost-effective performance
Cutting edge technology in an economical compact unit. All electronic components have been optimized.
The I-Max’s robust design means minimal breakdowns and easy maintenance. Flawless HD imagery.

24 Programs
The I-Max enables you to perform every type of examination you need (adult and child mode):
Standard panoramic
Right or left hemi-panoramic
Low-dose panoramic
Panoramic with enhanced orthogonality
Standard bitewing
Left or right hemi-bitewing
Frontal definition
Maxillary sinus examination
ATM examinations