rotating anode X-ray tube
Jupiter 5000 Series

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rotating anode X-ray tube rotating anode X-ray tube - Jupiter 5000 Series


  • Tube type:

    rotating anode

  • Nominal anode input voltage:

    Max.: 50 W

    Min.: 25 W


The Jupiter 5000 Series is a 50kV, 50W packaged X-ray tube designed for applications where high flux density and continuous operation are important.

Utilizing our highly stable and high intensity X-ray tube technology, the Jupiter 5000 Series is ideal for medical imaging applications and most industrial inspection and non-destructive testing applications that require high resolution, including PCB assembly, battery, plastic, metal and mechanical parts inspection.

The 5000 Series features a stainless steel, lead-lined package that is filled with dielectric oil, which enables the unit to provide maximum X-ray shielding and heat dissipation. The design includes high voltage and filament connectors, making it ideal for plug and play operation.

The Jupiter 5000 Series is available in a wide range of spot sizes, targets and price points to meet your needs.