oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber / inflatable / monoplace
Respiro 270®



  • Application:

    oxygen therapy

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The Respiro270® Portable Hyperbaric Chamber comes with our industry-leading standard 5-Year Global Warranty. A 27”/68cm diametric design combines functionality and comfort providing increased freedom of movement. Comfortable, yet small enough to fit in any room and comes with dual control valve technology for physicians and patients to self-treat. Made of 44 oz. double-sided urethane coated polyester and comes with a user-friendly design impeccably streamlined with our safety specifications.The air-in ports have been strategically angled along with tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators to maintain the consistency of airflow during HBOT sessions. The interiors are illuminated by room light filling int through the three large patient viewing windows. The chamber’s practical design coupled with top class medical technology ensures functionality and durability which will last years.

OxyHealth is the leading Global provider of hyperbaric chambers with more than 15,000 chambers currently in use, more than the efforts of all other manufacturers combined. With superior built quality, performance, and adoption of cutting-edge technology our engineers have over-build and rigorously examine each chamber to the highest quality control safety standards.

Worldwide clients include: royalty, governments, military, hospitals, clinics, over 3,400 specialists, doctors, rehabilitation and performance specialists, sports teams, over 600 olympic and professional top athletes, fitness clubs, gyms, spas, beauty saloons, celebrities and private clients alike for home use.

OxyHealth is the first choice of more medical professionals than any other chamber manufacturer in the world.