medium reagent / diagnostic / for cell culture / cytogenetic
Amniopan III P04-70503 PAN-Biotech GmbH



  • Applications:

    diagnostic, for cell culture, cytogenetic

  • Type:

    reagent medium

  • Other characteristics:



Amniopan III, Complete Medium for Amniotic Fluid Cells & CVS
Amniopan III is a complete ready-to-use medium intended for in vitro diagnostic use with a short term culture of human fetal cells from amniotic fluid or chorion villi biopsy (CVS) material for a standardized application in cytogenetic studies.

The NEW developed media formulation of Amniopan III is optimal to facilitate rapid diagnostic findings.

Amniopan III is a ready-to-use medium for the cultivation of human fetal cells from amniotic fluid and chorion villi biopsy samples. It is suitable for a rapid expansion of amniotic cells in order to investigate chromosomal disorders.