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radiation therapy QA system / simulation



  • Application:

    radiation therapy

  • Type of QA:



Imagin simulator is used for localization of treatment areas and for verification of treatment plans prior to starting treatment. Therapy Simulator helps in localizing the radiation port onto target tumor location and give a quality assured radiotherapy for better treatment outcome. IMAGIN has advanced CBCT Imaging capability for accurate image acquisition and reconstruction in one gantry rotation.

Panacea provides clients an excellent means of radiation therapy simulation prior to actual treatment through the latest state of art Imagin.
IMAGIN provides
Precise, efficient, automated and promising invincible service and convenience.
Effective and efficient simulation using advanced technology.
Integrated X-ray generator and image intensifier provides best quality images.
Images both in radiotherapy and fluoroscopy modes.
Simulation environment with great safety and record maintenance.
Reliable system for cancer patient treatment plan and verification.
Delivers personalized patient care and administration efficiencies.