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3D conformational radiation therapy linear particle accelerator / volumetric-modulated arc therapy / with robotized positioning table



  • Type of therapy:

    3D conformational radiation therapy, volumetric-modulated arc therapy

  • Components:

    with robotized positioning table


Bhabhatron-II, 4th generation cobalt Unit with MLC. The latest BH-II has a best in class provision to carry out 3D Conformal treatment technique with Multileaf Collimator(MLC).

Bhabhatron II is equipped with enhanced features like motorized wedge, auto-setup, asymmetric collimation, computer console, advanced radiolucent patient couch, R&V compatibility, electromechanical and software based anti-collision device, auto-closure mechanism during emergency and remote diagnostic facility to assist proactive maintenance schedule.

Its radiolucent couch design, without any metallic part is especially made with a view not to obstruct radiation beams, makes Bhabhatron II an ideal cobalt teletherapy unit for implementing arc therapy and non-coplanar beam based treatment plans for better treatment outcome.