animal research software / management / analysis / reporting



  • Function:

    analysis, management, reporting, test, simulation

  • Application domain:

    for animal research

  • Medical establishment:



For standard operant conditioning and behavioral procedures en small laboratory animals

Use it once, and you will never use another one afterwards! PACKWIN 2.0. is the essential software for assessing operant conditioning studies!!! Nowadays, PACKWIN is supplanting all existing software alternatives for behavioural/operant chambers...

PACKWIN is a user-friendly and versatile Software platform developed with the aim to offer a powerful tool for conducting a wide range of experiments in different types of behaviour chambers. It typically controls the Panlab standard chambers for operant conditioning, self-administration, 5/9 hole and Vogel test, but its range of compatibility allows working with other behavioural chambers for Active/Passive avoidance and fear conditioning experiments...

Due to his new modular structure, PACKWIN 2.0. can be used in a highly flexible structure (Customised module – CS) allowing the experimenter to build a wide variety of different protocols for the configuration of basic programs for operant procedure (fixed and variable ratio, fixed or variable interval, fixed or variable DRL, positive and negative reinforcement, extinction, probability to obtain a reinforcement, etc.) with or without discriminative stimuli (light, sound) as well as more specific and complex user-defined protocols (conflict, DMTS, 5 choice serial reaction task etc.). Give the PACKWIN state-editor tool the oportunity to surprise yourself by its straightforwardness (no need of specific programming skills)!! A great number of editable raw data table and outpout numeric data&graph reports are provided integrated in the all-in-one structure of the software.