van ambulance / box / type C
Mercedes Benz Sprinter

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van ambulance / box / type C van ambulance / box / type C - Mercedes Benz Sprinter


  • Configuration:

    van, box

  • Type:

    type C


Vehicle type:324 KA (Petrol Version, Automatic Gear Box)
Body Type: Panel Van
Engine Power: 190 kW (258 HP), 6 Cylinder, 3500 CC, 3.5 Litre
Loading Space: 3365/1780/1940 mm (L/W/H interior)
Wheelbase: 3665mm
Gross Vehicle Weight: 3880 kgs.
Tire Size: 2 x RH2 – Tyres 235/65 R16 C
Steering /Drive train: LEFT HAND DRIVE, 4×2

Ambulance Specifications:

Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement of Patient’s Cabin.
Marine Plywood Flooring with Vinyl Coating (Waterproof).
Complete Ceiling System.
Roof Type Ventilation Fan.
Bulk Head (Partition Wall) with Sliding Window.
Compartment’s air-conditioning holes fixed in the ceiling with not less than three holes from each side with a stainless steel rod fixed in the center of the ceiling.
Heater in Patients Cabin.
Air Conditioning System for the Patient’s Cabin (Evaporator) +Roof Type Condenser
Additional A/C with separate compressor from vehicle.
Well designed ceiling mounted one way extractor which eliminates air and odors from the patient compartment and disposes them outside the ambulance. Nominal Voltage.
Electrical Wiring with Insulation.
Electrical Control Panel/ Fuse Box.
3 Electrical Outlets (12V)
2 Electrical Outlets (220V)
Inverter +Extra Battery
Inboard Battery Charger
2 Oxygen Regulator with Manometer -Amico,Canada
2 Humidifier and Oxygen Flowmeter
Advance Electronic Touch Screen -Wifi Control Panel
Intercom Set ,communication between Driver and Patient’s Cabin