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qPCRBIO Genotyping Mix

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genotyping reagent kit genotyping reagent kit - qPCRBIO Genotyping Mix


  • Type:

    buffer solution

  • Applications:

    for qPCR, for genotyping

  • Other characteristics:

    hot start


qPCRBIO Genotyping Mix is designed for fast, accurate and reproducible allelic discrimination for use in TaqMan® and other dual-labelled probe-based genotyping assays.
The optimised buffer system and antibody-mediated hot start technology result in superior allele clustering and accurate characterisation of class I to class IV mutations.

Accurate genotype calling
Superior allele clustering
Antibody-mediated hot start for improved sensitivity
Compatible with all real-time PCR platforms

qPCRBIO Genotyping Mix is a kit designed for use in TaqMan® and other dual-labelled probe-based genotyping assays. This fast, accurate and reliable mix gives highly reproducible allelic discrimination and is able to accurately call class I to class IV mutations. The mix is compatible with LNA and PNA probes, which offer more stringent allele calling.

SNP detection can be particularly challenging when targets have a high GC or AT content. qPCRBIO Genotyping Mix has been optimised to give tight fluorescence clusters and more accurate allele calling compared to other mixes, even for challenging targets. The mix uses antibody-mediated hot start technology to give improved reaction sensitivity and specificity with the benefit of excellent room temperature stability, ideal for high-throughput genotyping studies.

Genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
TaqMan® allelic discrimination assays
TaqMan® predesigned SNP genotping assays
High-throughput genotyping studies