video corpo

transport trolley / for sterilization containers / with shelf / with hinged door



  • Applications:


  • Use:

    for sterilization containers

  • Components:

    with shelf, with hinged door

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, stainless steel, closed-structure


Ergonomically designed revolution™ closed case cart customized to be lightweight and easy to handle device. Strategicallyimproved with revolve™ casters to enhance mobility that requires 32% less push/pull force compared to standard case carts. revolve™ caster is crafted out of glass reinforced engineered thermoplastic. The best in the industry casters marked up to 280° Fahrenheit allows high temp caster with four precision bearings in each caster. Technically designed with twin precision sealed ball bearings enhance cart handling, mobility and decreases the overall push/pull force by 32%.