patient lift sling / leg
232, 232V



  • Applications:

    for patient lifts

  • Other characteristics:



This Leg Lifter is a self-help product to help people to lift their leg on to or off a bed.

For one foot
Made from strong webbing with plastic inside to keep it straight, so the open loop can easily be placed over the foot
Various hand loop options, so you can use you body weight to help lift
Available in a webbing material or wipeable vinyl material to help fight cross-infection

To Use
When sitting on the side of the bed, place the open foot loop over the foot. Lean forward and hold the lowest webbing loop possible to make a comfortable lift. Holding your arm straight, lean back, so your body weight will lift the foot off the floor. Some people may use their wrist or forearm if they have difficulty holding the webbing with their fingers. These instructions may vary to suit the individual capabilities of the person.

By crossing one foot over the other, the Leg Lifter can be placed on the lower foot. This way both feet are lifted at the same time. However, if it is always necessary to lift both feet together, the Leg Lifter for Two Feet is a lot more comfortable and easier to use.