turn sheet / sliding / disposable / for people with reduced mobility
507 series



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    sliding, disposable, for people with reduced mobility


The Bed Slide Sheet is an essential manual handling product. The slippery material can used in a number of ways to help move patients in bed.

An alternative to this product is the Bed Slide Sheet – Single Patient Use (Disposable) (10 Pack).

Materials Available
Red – This material is very quiet when in use – a virtual ‘silent night’ for patients. An important feature of this material is that it is breathable. This breathable material helps prevent perspiration, even in hot weather.
Light Blue – This material is also very quiet like the Red, but just a different colour.
Pink – This material is not breathable and has some noise when in use. This noise may disturb some patients. The noise reduces a lot after a few washes.
Royal Blue – This material is not breathable but has a lower, more acceptable noise level when new and is less expensive than the other materials.
We heat seal the edges of the material to help prevent fraying. Heat sealing the seam also means we do not need to sew a hem which may compromise skin integrity.