back positioning cushion / rib positioning / support / surgical



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    back positioning, rib positioning, support

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The Bed Wedge – Small, is a very useful triangular foam wedge. It can be used in a variety of ways to help people in bed.

Please consider other various sizes of the Bed Wedge (sold separately) before deciding which is best for you.

The foam has a waterproof material cover that can be wiped clean and placed in a pillowcase for patient comfort. It can be useful between patient’s legs to prevent pressure.

There is a wide flap along one edge which can be folded under. The advantage of this flap is to allow air to move slightly when someone is lying on it. This means that it doesn’t feel like lying on a balloon.

This product is available with Hook Tape (hook, rough side) on the bottom. This attaches to the sleep positioning bed material if you use that.

Some Uses For The Bed Wedge
Bed Back Support: When sitting up in bed, the Bed Wedge can be placed behind the person’s back. This provides good support for the lower back/posterior to lean against. A normal pillow can also be used for upper back support.
Bed Anti-Slide Wedge: When the person is sitting up in bed, place the Bed Wedge under the legs hard up against the groin. The Wedge will comfortably help the person to stay in position sitting up, and help prevent them sliding back down the bed.