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robotic laboratory workstation / for liquid handling / benchtop
JANUS® G3 BioTx Pro Plus



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    for liquid handling

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The JANUS® G3 Bio Tx Pro Plus offers full walk-away automation for high-throughput process development, enabling more data from precious starting materials and limited resources.

Detail Information

The JANUS® G3 Bio Tx Pro Plus Includes:

Independent 8-channel pipetting arm combined with gripper equipped 96 channel multiple dispensing head for high throughput liquid handling and plate movement
Fully integrated vacuum filtration system for plate based purification and fraction collection
Easy reconfigurable deck for PhyNexus PhyTips®, GE PreDictor™ plates and Media Scout® RoboColumns
Automated fraction collection for whole and partial plates utilizing Media Scout® RoboColumns
The JANUS BioTx Pro and Pro-Plus Workstations are developed as intuitive, flexible, automated instruments capable of performing parallel small-scale analytical protein purification. A graphical user interface was developed to accommodate a variety of screening experiments designed to determine the optimal conditions for purification of biotherapeutic proteins using small-scale commercially available ion exchange and affinity chromatography solutions. Three modes of small scale protein purification can be automated on a single platform:

PhyNexus PhyTips®
GE PreDictor™ plates
Media Scout® RoboColumns