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FT-IR spectrometer / for research

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FT-IR spectrometer / for research FT-IR spectrometer / for research - Frontier™


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Choose the Frontier™ range of Fourier Transform IR spectrometers for superior spectroscopic performance in demanding applications. Powerful and adaptable, the Frontier meets all your current analysis needs and can be expanded as your research goals evolve. An exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and photometric performance assures optimal spectral quality to ensure best-in-class sensitivity. This configurable platform provides dependable and consistent operation through years of service.

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IR Ready for Any Challenge

The Frontier™ FT-IR/FIR system enables you to benefit from faster method development and reduced instrument costs with a single optimized system. Automated range switching enables you to quickly move onto your next sample without manual reconfiguration. The system can be upgraded to a Spotlight™ microscope system, have an external optical bench added, or be configured with an upgraded detector at any time.

The Frontier MIR/FIR is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be configured to your needs regarding the level of performance desired to meet the demand of your daily IR analyses. See the configurations table below for all available instrument options.

Frontier MIR/FIR spectrometers feature:

Two temperature-stabilized DTGS (deuterated triglycine sulfate) detectors: one optimized for MIR with an enhanced SNR of 15,000:1 peak-to-peak for a 5 second scan, and one suited for FIR with 50,000:1 RMS noise peak-to-peak for a 5 second scan
Optional liquid nitrogen cooled MCT (mercury cadmium telluride) detector