automatic electrolyte analyzer / human / with ISE



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  • Other characteristics:

    with ISE



1. It can measure the concentrations of K+, Na+ , Cl- and Ca++ and pH values.

2. Applies ISE (Ion Selection Electrode), which gives the instrument the advantages of minimum maintenance, easy assembly and disassembly, as well as stable and reliable measurements.

3.Working Modes:

Normal mode: automatic calibration; this mode adapts to large and middle scale hospital with large sample volume; sleep functions which can save reagent.

Saving mode: 24 hours reagents consumption is only 7ml when it does not measure. This mode. adapts to hospital with small sample volume.

4.Each test channel can be closed separately, So it is convenient to do emergencymeasurement.

5.110mm×60mm LCD display, automatic screensaver, friendly interface, easy to operate.

6.Mini thermal printer can print repeatedly at any moment. It is convenient to feed paper. And the print is very clear.

7.Revising datas automatically to ensure the accuracy of data.

8.It can save1500 test results, data will not be lost even if the power is cut off. Users can inquire or print at any moment .

9.The instrument is equipped with a RS232 serial port, which can be connected to computer. It may collect, manage and print measure result by relevant software.

10.It has electrode-checking function. Users can do corresponding maintenance according to checking result .

11.Exempt of routine maintenance, this greatly lighten the burden of operators; In-side software self-checking can suggest users eliminate the malfunction in time.

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