multi-parameter ECG monitor / intensive care / compact



  • Measured parameter:


  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Configuration:


  • Screen size:

    14.1 cm (5.6 in)


JP2000-09 patient monitor is a smart monitor with original appearance, small size and light weight. The embedded system and low power consuming design make JP2000-09 patient monitor more stable and safe.

Adapt to: Suitable for adult child and baby (no fetus). Can work in ICU, operation room, ward, ambulance.
Elemental functions: Can monitor the patient sign of ECG, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, Heart Rate, Temperature. With Li-ion battery inside and can work without AC-power for 3 hours.
Optional functions: Can add portable printer

Features of JP2000-09 Patient Monitor
Size of Screen: Brilliant 14.1〞TFT Colour LCD with resolution of 1024*768
1.Waveform display: 8 channel waveform display in screen with the waveforms of ECG, Respiration, NIBP and SpO2 With E-manual embedded ,Can work with portable printer
2. Alarm System: Voice alarming system, Light and sound alarming
3. Expert Low power cost: 15W. Portable long life Li-ion battery with smart management of charge and power consume, can work without AC power longer than 3 hours
4. ECG: 3 channel ST segment analysis. Resist 50Hz AC disturbance, can work with electrosurgical unit and de-trembling
5. NIBP: Measure Method: Advanced One-step Method.