radio-fluoroscopy system / digital / for diagnostic fluoroscopy / for multipurpose radiography



  • System type:

    radio-fluoroscopy system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for diagnostic fluoroscopy, for multipurpose radiography, for gastrointestinal fluoroscopy, for gastrointestinal radiography

  • Features:

    with tilting table


gastrointestinal fluoroscopy/radiography, gastrointestinal examination, chest radiography, head and whole body bone radiography gastrography, Esophagography, Myelography, Arthrography, cholangiography, bronchography, venography, angiography, urography, hysterosalpingography, Pediatric Radiology, treat application of several intervention radiology

1,base the optimization principle to produce, excellent config of whole system, satisfy clinical personalized requirement
2,latest technology of high frequency mainframe, digital image collection, gain the high quality image easily
3,show human-machine interface directly, excellent operation system, make man-machine conversation more conveniently and easy to understand
4,multiple safety control, make the image quality and radiation dose to achieve organic balance
5,strong function of digital image processing, overall compatible with DICOM network application