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mobile C-arm / with video column
PLX112C Perlove Medical

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mobile C-arm / with video column mobile C-arm / with video column - PLX112C


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    with video column


Surgery:removing foreign body,cardiac catheter, implanting pace maker, interventional therapy, partial radiography, local photography, and other work.

1. Leading domestic level Mobile Surgical X-ray machine. Convenient connection with the Digital subtraction system.
2. World-class image processing technology software makes the image more distinct to make it more convenient for the doctors in the operation and diagnostic process. Standard DICOM interface makes it convenient to connect with the hospital information system.
3. The pulse fluoroscopy can obtain high –definition image from low dose to meet the requirement of the high-precision and high difficulty microinvasive operation
4. Low radiation dose used can protect the doctor and patient.
5. Unique double foot brake controller design makes it convenient to control the instrument inside and outside the operation room. This design can also protect the health care professionals by reducing the opportunity to come into contact with the radiation.
6. Exclusive inside and outside monitor design makes it more convenient to observe the operation process either inside or outside the operation room. At the same time, this design can facilitate the outdoor teaching and the real-time observation of the surgical procedures.